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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Casanova' to start this April

Director Roshan Andrews (of 'Notebook', 'Udayannanu Thaaram' fame) will start shooting for his second Lal starrer ‘Casanova' from the second week of this April. The movie will feature Lakshmi Rai, Priyanaka and five super models.
The movie is planned as a romantic thriller where the protagonist believes that love can cure crime. In fact, Lal is playing the role of a businessman who makes big money with the flower business based on Vienna. The movie will be one of the most costliest film in Mollywood and will be completed in around 10 crores. Majority of the shooting for Casanova '' will be completed at Vienna and other European nations.The pooja of the movie was held last weekend at Bangalore, which was attended by all important film personalities who consistently keep in touch with Lal.
Reports say that Arya has given bulk dates for 40 days for 'Casanova'. 'Casanova' is Roshan Andrews' third film, after 'Udayananu Tharam' (re-made in Tamil as 'Vellithira') and 'Notebook' and is produced by the Confident Group. The script is by Sanjay and Bobby. 

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