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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Geetha Vijayan again to ‘Harihar Nagar'

Geetha Vijayan who is now cornered to character roles, treasures her debut role of Maya in the super hit ‘In Harihar Nagar’ as the best thing that happened to her, in the industry. This biggest hit of the nineties projected her to stardom and she bagged a number of lead roles in many films of the time. But with in a couple of years, the actress who failed to create any notable hits thereafter ,slumped off to smaller roles that were never promising enough for one, who has such a good start.
Any how, Geetha Vijayan is again getting a chance to play the same role in the new sequel to the ‘In Harihar Nagar’ titled ‘Harihar Nagar-2’. The movie which features Lakshmi Rai in the lead will also have Geetha Vijayan's Maya as an important character. ‘Hariharhar Nagar -2’ planned to be on theatres by this Vishu is fast progressing with its shoot at Kochi. The movie is the first independent venture in direction of actor-producer Lal. 

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